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Take a deep breath


You are the medicine.

Meet The Breath Nurse


Rachele Scevola, BSN, RN
International Master Breathwork Facilitator

The Breath Nurse, Rachele Scevola, is a Registered Nurse turned international Certified Master Breathwork Facilitator. Her passion and mission lie in empowering you to heal, transform, and activate your life through your breath with the belief that you, your breath, and your life are medicine. She is certified in the RESET Breathwork Method and other breathwork techniques and is also a Certified Professional Life Coach. 

Having over a decade of bedside nursing experience under the umbrella of critical care, Rachele's journey through serious chronic health issues, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and extreme burnout led her out of her bedside nursing career and into the healing power of the breath. She credits breathwork as being the most influential, life-changing wellness practice in her life.

Now, with nearly six years of personal experience, Rachele will guide you to create and live the life you desire through this deeply healing somatic work. She lives in the truth of living meaningfully and intentionally, embodying leadership (walking the talk), and engaging with others through compassion and honesty. Rachele currently resides in the mountains local to Asheville, NC. 

Rachele works with individuals, couples/pairs/partners, and groups through her public and private breathwork offerings in person and online globally. Additionally, she offers corporate wellness breathwork sessions and workshops.

Why Breathwork


RESET Breathwork is an integrative breathwork method that creates lasting change from the inside out by...

  • Recalibrating your nervous system (regulate your body's communication and command center)

  • Elevating your vibration (shift your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of well-being)

  • Somatically releasing stored emotions + trauma (release emotions and past experiences that are affecting your well-being)

  • Expanding your consciousness (access deeper states of consciousness + expand self-awareness + access your subconscious- where all of your negative thought patterns, stuck mindsets, limiting beliefs, habits, and addictions live)

  • Transforming you into your most authentic self (become a healthier, freer, more joyful you)

Breathe your way to a better you!
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Reduce stress; decrease burnout, frustration & overwhelm; and enhance well-being & peace of mind


Relieve anxiety; reduce panic; and feel calmer, more at ease & grounded


Experience increased energy, clarity, creativity, and stamina

Mental Focus

Increase productivity & flow, enhance concentration & thought processes, improve decision making, and expand your mental bandwidth


Increase optimism,  experience more compassion & joy, process grief, and recover from stressful events sooner

And much more...

Reduce pain, improve sleep & mood, deepen your connection with yourself & others, release stuck mindsets & limiting beliefs that hold you back, feel more empowered & free...


Using a three-part conscious connected breathwork pattern, RESET Breathwork is a simple yet powerful active meditation that will empower and inspire you. Let go of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, self-doubt, and more, so that you can feel lighter, calmer, energized, more at peace, and grounded moving forward.


Guided breathwork sessions with The Breath Nurse are powerful and may lead to a profound, life changing experience. Many describe their experience with this method as mind-blowing, transformational, life-changing, or better-than-therapy.

Whether you're new to breathwork or experienced, this transformational practice will expand you, your lungs, and your life.

You + Your Breath + Your Life = Medicine


"Blown Away!! It far beyond exceeded my expectations...The only thing I could think was, 'Wow this is so powerful and I feel so great! Can I do this again tomorrow? And every day for the rest of my life?!' Truly grateful to have experienced this with Rachele. She prepares you for the experience and gently guides you through. She will facilitate your healing - I have no doubt in my mind!!"- Amrit S., RN

"Class left me feeling alert, refreshed and relaxed! Rachele has a great way of focusing the class on a theme that is relevant and relatable to the practice and everyday life. Highly recommended!! I love the meditation aspect to the breathwork and the way the class flows. Great way to reset and refocus after a long week and prepare for the week ahead!"- Jackie N.

"Breathwork sessions with Rachele are always amazing. She is so wonderful at holding space and makes me feel so safe and supported throughout the session. When I breathe with her guidance, I'm able to release so much stuck emotion that has built up in my body and always feel so refreshed and relaxed afterward! Breathwork has changed my life and I'm so grateful that Rachele is here to bring it to the world!"- Sarah H.

"What a wonderful new experience for me! I was a little nervous going into it for my first time, but Rachele guides you through every step and leaves you feeling so empowered! Her words and affirmations are very powerful. I’ve loved every class that I have taken with her and highly recommend you take her breathwork class!"- Stephanie K.

"...I absolutely loved the experience I had with Rachele... Her passion for Breathwork radiated...along with her genuine desire to provide a safe and encouraging environment. I experienced the release of stuck emotions and felt the powerful effects of her compassion and grace. The session's theme was exactly what I needed to hear and helped me on my continued path of growth. I would strongly encourage everyone to... give themselves the gift of releasing stress and anxiety and the opportunity to heal and grow through this fantastic modality of self-care."- Victoria S.

"After being burnt out from my job and pandemic life...I didn't realize just how much I needed it until after my session with Rachele...I enjoyed her method the most because it's a holistic approach that's well-balanced between the breathing, visualization, and positive affirmations, allowing you to properly focus on what you're feeling in your mind and body. I came away from this experience with the mental clarity I was hoping for and feeling more relaxed...I can't recommend the Breath Nurse highly enough - thank you, Rachele!"- Lauren S.



Book a private breathwork session, attend an online or in-person event, or host a corporate event

Private breathwork sessions give you the opportunity to work on whatever it is that you want to work on, toward, or through to bring you greater well-being. Each session is tailored to the individual or group and includes a customized intention or theme, playlist, intuitive guidance, and coaching/discussion. Consider booking The Breath Nurse for your next event or retreat.


*All private and corporate sessions must be reserved a minimum of 24 hours in advance.*

  • Available Online
    A personalized, private breathwork session made just for you
  • Available Online
    A customized, private breathwork session for you & another
  • Available Online
    A customized, private breathwork session or workshop for you & your gr...
  • Available Online
    Inquire about hosting a corporate wellness breathwork session or works...
  • Available Online
    A complimentary 15-30 minute meet and greet call with The Breath Nurse


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